Iain McHardy

Hi I’m Ian McHardy and I am a professional Archaeologist. I have worked in mainland Scotland, Ireland, Africa and and Aotearoa/ New Zealand as well as here in Lewis since 2000.

During this time I have been involved in many interesting and diverse projects; including a project investigating sea stack sites around the coast of Lewis, a community excavation of a wheelhouse in North Uist, the excavation of the fortified medieval island of Dun Eistean in Ness, leading an Art and Archaeology project for the islands primary schools and being the St Kilda Archaeologist in 2010/11. I still carry out professional developer funded or community trust funded archaeological work on the island. Callanish is and has always been a long term hobby and private research project.


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The Callanish Complex  5 hours

Harris 8 hours

Ness 8 hours

Bernera 8 hours

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