Specialist Interest Tours

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Off the beaten track with specialist interest tours

The big skies, extensive moorland and expansive beaches are a perfect post COVID-19 getaway. During your visit, one of our guides will cater for your specialist interest whether it is Archaeology, Norse culture, Wildlife or the Island’s Gaelic heritage.

Resident archaeologists are available to introduce you to the standing remains of habitation from thousands of year ago, perched on hillsides and among the fragrant moorland.

Norse Mill ArchaeologyThe Hebrides were under Norse rule for 400 years as part of the Kingdom of Man. The islands still maintain Old Norse links in major landscape features, loan words and customs relating to domestic and fishing practices. Our guides will interpret landscape and maritime elements for you.

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Stunning wildlife

jumping humpback whale maritime wildlifeThe narrow headland at Tiumpan Head, with an almost 360 degree view of the Minch, is one of the best places to see sea mammals. There is a high number of species recorded from this observation point. Include this panoramic spot as part of your expansive landscape tour with one of our knowledgeable wildlife guides.

Celtic Culture and Gaelic

Gaelic; this ancient Celtic language is still spoken by 45 per cent of the population. It is a language that ties islanders to the land, to the learned wisdom of previous generations. It is transferred as the mother tongue from one generation to the next. Stories, songs and links to many other Celtic regions will be revealed by a guide while exploring deserted croft land and its complexities.

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