West Side of Lewis

This circular route takes us to Lewis’s most famous archaeological sites.

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Arnol Blackhouse, Garennin, Callanish Stones, Carloway Broch – © Mairi M. Martin
Garennin w. flowers – pixabay


From Stornoway we cross the island’s interior peat moorlands to the Atlantic west coast, visiting various historic sites on the west side of the Isle of Lewis before returning to the town.

Passing a number of stone circles, we arrive at the celebrated main Neolithic site of Callanish. Hewn from nearby rock outcrops of ancient Lewisian gneiss almost 5000 years ago, this extraordinary monument of standing stones conjures the lives and relationship with nature of the early farmers who settled here.

A café, shop and interpretative exhibition is housed at the visitor centre. [NB: These facilities will not be available in 2024 while the Callanish Visitor Centre is undergoing renovation and development.]

A little further to the north is the Broch of Carloway, a 2000-year-old drystone structure surviving to a height of more than nine metres. This spectacular circular double-walled tower house was the home and fortress of the local Iron Age chieftain, dominating the surrounding land and seascape. It was built to impress and, although now a little fragile with age, it impresses us just as much today.

Next is the blackhouse village of Gearrannan, a collection of restored and reconstructed century-old thatched cottages where traditional island life is portrayed, including weaving, crofting and peat-cutting. A shop, café, museum and cultural interpretation are all available in the village.

Many other attractions and landmarks on the return route include a whalebone arch at Bragar, from the jaw bones of a giant blue whale washed ashore in the 1920s.

The Blackhouse in the village of Arnol, occupied until 1966, is a unique  experience of how Hebridean life in days gone bye.

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  • coach hire
  • local guide
  • entry fees (if any)
  • subject to individual pricing regarding requirements

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  • refreshments
Is this tour suitable for people with a walking disability?

It depends. Most of the attractions are not suitable for wheelchairs or other walking aids. The ground is usually uneven due to the nature of the place. If you are able to walk we would recommend to have at least one person to be with you and also a walking stick for more security.

Is this tour suitable for wheelchair users?

Unfortunately the main attractions are unsuitable to visit with a wheelchair. You will, however, be able to see the attractions from the coach and our guides usually give a brief overview before arriving at a site.

Do I need special clothing?

We recommend weatherproof clothing as the weather can change very fast. Depending on the season you might experience rain and cold winds at times

Do I need to bring walking boots?

We highly recommend decent footwear. Flipflops or sandals are not the right footwear to visit these attractions. If you have walking or hiking boots it would be an advantage as the ground can be slippery and muddy at times

What is the weather like?

The weather is highly unpredictable. We are in Scotland after all 🙂 . You might start in the rain at the harbour and arrive in bright sunshine on the west coast. Or vice versa. We always recommend that you dress in layers and bring a wind- and rainproof jacket just in case.

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West Side of Lewis