Alison Driver

woman with white hair, wearing a orange top and holding a border collier dog

Hello I am Alison.  I moved to Lewis in 2017 when, after years of visiting on holiday, we finally decided that Lewis was where we wanted to be.  We live on our croft, with dogs, cat and six Soay Sheep for conservation grazing (Soay are a rare breed sheep from St Kilda). We have planted over 1000 native species of trees and grow our own vegetables.  Since coming to Lewis, I have worked for a local charity, working on several community projects and through my work have made many friends locally and come to know the island and its people well.

These are beautiful islands – I want to share with you their wide, ever-changing skies, the amazing light, the unique landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits them.  There is so much to show you of the islands’  history, both ancient and recent, and so many  stories to tell about the lives of islanders both today and yesterday and their rich culture – I’d love to help you discover it  for yourself!  

I am a confident Italian speaker and, although perhaps no longer fluent, get by pretty well in French and Spanish. 


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